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5 Steps to Get What You Want Faster & Easier

If you’ve ever tried to use visualization and affirmations before and haven’t had much luck, you’re not alone.


While it’s true that folks from Olympic athletes to millionaires use these tools, sometimes they just don’t seem to work out the same ways for us mere mortals.

But why? Science shows that when we take our brain through these exercises, our reticular activating system gets activated and our happiness increases. So that means we’re better able to find solutions to our problems, AND better able to see the bigger picture.


So what gives?


Why Visualization Might Not Have Worked for You Before


Well it just might be that your visualization practice isn’t working out because you’re not working it correctly.  That was the case with me for years.


Turns out, while some people do just fine with closing their eyes and imagining the best possible outcome, most of us are hardwired to self-sabotage our efforts.


How to Visualize to Get Results


In her guide Intention Reimagined, confidence coach Jewell Siebert shares 5 steps to putting an end to the self-sabotage, and so you can reach your goals faster and easier.


These steps are easy to follow, and address the ways the we can sometimes get in our own way.


Here they are:

  1. Start with the End
  2. Write your Impact
  3. Use Your Imagination
  4. Overcome Resistance
  5. Pair with Action


Number 4 is my favorite – it’s the part that normally gets me when I’m trying to get something done. 😉


5 step shortcut to getting what you want faster and easier. Get clear, get motivated, get over limiting beliefs, and get going!
Reach Goals Faster and Easier with this guide. Get clear, get motivated, get over limiting beliefs, and get going!


You can go through all the steps in the workbook in about 15 minutes. And then you’ll be all set with a really great tool to help you reach your goals faster and easier than before!

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